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when i was at college i studied experimental non-fiction filmaking
among other things. at one time i was planning to go to film school
but i lacked the funds and the ego to follow through with that plan.
somehow i ended up an english teacher. anyways, what follows is a
selection of cinema sites. i'm trying to find more sites on chinese
cinema apart from the countless sites on hk action films. its hard to
get real info on taiwanese independant film though there are some
exceptions. what follows is what i have found so far as well as
other cinema links i like.

city of sadness one of the best sites on taiwan cinema. this is an in depth look at hou hsou hsien's city of sadness.

tsai ming-liang this site has a short interview with tsai ming-liang

rebel a site about tsai ming-liang's rebels of the neon god

mah jong a review of edward yang's mah jong.

the river a review of tsai ming-liang's the river

mahu a site with nice stills from some taiwan films

wong kar wai a good site about my favourite hk director

david lynch

jan svankmajer czech surrealist cinema genius.

the brothers quay

atom egoyan

tura star of russ meyer's faster pussycat kill! kill!


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